GLEN EIRA COMMUNITY PLAN NOW AVAILABLE Glen Eira City Councilís Community Plan 2008-2013 is now available for viewing. ine.

Glen Eira City Council’s Community Plan 2008-2013 is now available for viewing.

The Plan has been developed following extensive consultation with the community and is based on the following key themes:

•    transport and traffic management;

•    open space, recreation and leisure;

•    community facilities and assets;

•    community building;

•    development and planning;

•    services for children, youth,
    family and the aged;

•    governance; and

•    the environment.

The Plan includes Council’s Strategic Resource Plan for the next 10 years and details an Action Plan for the next 12 months, outlining the steps Council will take to implement the Plan.
Council’s Community Plan 2008-2013 is available from, Glen Eira Council’s Service Centre and Glen Eira Council’s four library branches.

Glen Eira parks have been rated amongst the best in Melbourne.

Between November 2007 and January 2008, 132 Glen Eira park users were surveyed by an independent organisation, resulting in a high level of satisfaction with the municipality’s parks and gardens.
Glen Eira was rated number one of the 17 councils to participate in the annual survey for:

•    pathways and trails;

•    sport and recreation facilities;

•    play equipment;

•    tables and seats;

•    removal of ground litter; and

•    removal of graffiti.
The survey found the priorities for future improvement in Glen Eira parks are the need for more shade, shelters and drinking fountains.

Glen Eira residents are reminded that failing to clean up after your dog in public spaces could result in a $125 on-the-spot fine.

Glen Eira City Council recently consulted the community on its draft Domestic Animal Management (DAM) Plan and dog litter figured prominently in responses.
The clear message was for Council to take a harder line on this issue. Not only is dog litter an eyesore, but it creates environmental and public health concerns for other residents.
Council’s Manager Civic Compliance John Bordignon said the problem of dog litter in public spaces is getting worse, despite owners being legally required under Council’s Local Law, to collect and dispose of their dog’s droppings out in public.
“There are really no excuses for it,” Mr Bordignon said.
“It is not difficult for dog owners to plan ahead to help ensure Glen Eira’s parks, gardens, playgrounds, footpaths and other public spaces are free from dog waste and more enjoyable for everyone.”
Mr Bordignon said Council tries to make it as easy as possible for local pet owners to do the right thing.
“Council provides plastic bag dispensers in many Council parks and reserves and officers also carry and distribute plastic bags and pooch pouches to dog owners when patrolling parks to educate them about cleaning up after their pets,” Mr Bordignon said.
“Ultimately, it is up to pet owners to do the right thing and dispose of dog waste.
“Owners should carry a plastic bag or pooper scooper with them at all times to ensure they are always appropriately armed to clean up after their dog.”
Mr Bordignon said dog owners should consider the environmental and health factors associated with dog litter when exercising their pets.
“Litter contaminates waterways and ringworm that is often found in dog faeces can be harmful to humans,” Mr Bordignon said.
“Collecting dog litter and disposing of it responsibly helps to make the environment cleaner and contributes to a healthier water supply for the community.”