With spring now upon us, Glen Eira cat owners are urged to help reduce the stray cat population by registering their cat and making sure it has an identification tag on at all times.

Glen Eira City Council Manager Civic Compliance John Bordignon said it’s a State Government requirement for all cats and dogs over the age of three months to be microchipped and registered with Council and for registration tags to be worn.
“However, many cat owners consider collar identification markers to be a nuisance,” Mr Bordignon said.
“We want to make sure all cats can be identified in some way so we can find their owners rather than have a cat re-housed or euthanased.”
Mr Bordignon said microchipping can also be used to make pets permanently identifiable.
“Permanent identification through microchipping makes it easier to identify and return impounded cats to their owners,” Mr Bordignon said.
“It’s not a replacement for registration, but can certainly save pet owners a lot of heartache if their pets are lost and not wearing their registration tags.”
Mr Bordignon said spring also signals the beginning of the breeding season where cats are actively looking to mate.
“If you haven’t already desexed your cat, now is the time to do so,” Mr Bordignon said.
“The desexing of cats reduces the overpopulation of homeless and unwanted cats, preventing feral animals and diseases. Desexed cats are also found to be less prone to fighting.”
Microchipping is available throughout the year at a reduced rate of $25 — a saving of $30.
To receive the discounted microchipping rates, pet owners can take their pet to the RSPCA Veterinary Clinic, 3 Burwood Highway, Burwood East on any Wednesday between 9.30am and 6.30pm. No bookings are required and the discount will be offered on presentation of a current registration notice or letter from Council.
In addition, until the end of October the RSPCA is offering a reduction in the cost for desexing cats. Bookings are required. For further information, contact the RSPCA on 9224 2222