Glen Eira residents and property owners are reminded to make sure their property number is clearly visible from the street so that unnecessary delays for emergency services do not occur.

Glen Eira City Council Director City Development Jeff Akehurst said unclear, poorly-lit or missing property numbers could affect the response time of police, fire brigade, ambulance or State Emergency Services to emergency situations.
“Clear and effective property numbering is both a legal and safety requirement and can save
lives — that five or 10 minutes spent trying to locate a property can mean the difference between life and death,” Mr Akehurst said.
“Council’s Local Law requires residents to maintain and display the number of their property so that it can be seen from the road or the footpath.
“This was included in the Local Law to assist people, and more importantly emergency services officers, in identifying properties, especially at night.”
Mr Akehurst said having property numbers prominently displayed also helps Council to identify properties requiring footpath or concrete works.
“In some cases, Council officers have been called to do either footpath or concrete inspection at a commercial property only to find that there are five or six shops in a row without visible property numbers,” Mr Akehurst said.
“Clear and visible property numbers enable Council to identify exactly which residential and commercial properties need to be scheduled for works.”
Residents or property owners who fail to have their property numbers clearly and prominently displayed risk receiving a fine of up to $200.