Two guides aim to provide prospective and continuing university and TA FE students with invaluable, ’mustread’ information as they approach their higher education decision-making this year. The release of the guides coincides with the announcement of first-round university offers Australia-wide.

ASG’s Get Smart Guide and ASG’s Get Smart
Scholarships Guide are packed with information
about higher education, including a guide to the costs,
entitlements, support, fees, changes to support and benefits,
how to qualify for support, scholarships information, and
important cautions.
The Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) commissioned
expert tertiary student services adviser, Mr Vince Callaghan
to write the free e-guides, which are available for download
from ASG’s website – in the
Resource Centre.
The guides also contain cautionary information for students
and their parents about prospective changes to the ‘gap
year’, youth allowance, parental income tests, personal
income assessments, and scholarships information given
the Australian Government’s proposed changes to the
Income Support for Students Bill, which stalled in the
Senate late last year, leaving higher education students and
their parents in a situation of uncertainty.
Mr Callaghan said he believed it was vital that students and
their parents were aware of the pending changes so that
they could make informed decisions and fully understand
the issues.
“While we don’t know all the outcomes of the reintroduction
of the changes to the Income Support for Students Bill
when the Australian Government reintroduces it into
Parliament in February this year, we do know that the
current ‘gap year’ arrangement (used to gain independent
student assistance) is planned to be abolished and this
has major implications for students, especially those from
regional and rural areas,” Mr Callaghan explained.
ASG’s Community Adviser, Ms Michelle Hunder said ASG
was committed to assisting parents provide education
opportunities for their children.
“The ‘one-stop’ information contained in ASG’s Get Smart
Guide and ASG’s Get Smart Scholarships Guide offers
a critical service provided not just to ASG’s Members, who
value assisting their children to gain a complete education
as a major foundation for life, but to the wider community
also,” she said.
“ASG encourages students and their parents to download
the free e-guides containing resources that encourage
planning, help students investigate options, alert and caution
them to possible changes in the sector, as well as provide a
host of tips, checks, and sources for further information,” Ms
Hunder added.

ASG’s Get Smart Guide and ASG’s Get Smart
Scholarships Guide are available for free download from
ASG’s website: under Guides.
ASG will postupdates as they come to hand.
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