A unique student number which provides an ongoing record of student movement as they progress through school and into post compulsory education was introduced in the middle of July.

A Victorian Student Number (VSN) will be allocated
to every student in Victorian Government, Catholic
and Independent schools. During the initial rollout in
July, 50 Government and non-Government schools
implemented the VSN.
The program will then be rolled-out to all
Government and non-Government schools through
the remainder of 2009.
During 2010, VSN’s will be assigned to students
under age 25 who are enrolled in Victorian
vocational education and training providers.
Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said the VSN will
ensure that the government has accurate and up
to date information about student movement and
retention rates.
“This will help identify students at risk of dropping
out of the education and training system prior to
completion of year 12 or an equivalent qualification,
and by identifying those situations we can improve
the support we provide to those ‘at risk’ students,”
Ms Pike said.
“Education is the Brumby Government’s number
one priority and this is yet another way we are
continuing to bridge the gap in education by making
sure every student everywhere regardless of
location or socio-economic circumstance gets every
chance to succeed at school.
“We have a five-year Education Blueprint plan to
guide how we are improving the education system,
we have the biggest schools rebuilding program
in the state’s history underway and the VSN is yet
another way we can develop targeted policies to
direct our investment to the right areas for students.”
The VSN will be recorded within a central register
called the Victorian Student Register.
The register will contain basic enrolment details
including name, date of birth, and gender, and will
also maintain a history of a student’s enrolment,
including education and training provider, date of
enrolment and exit date.
Education and training providers will be required
to provide this information to the Victorian Student
Register each time a student enrols or leaves their
institution. Strict privacy controls will apply to the